Swimming Pool

520 North 4th Avenue
Pool Phone: 605-449-9283 (only during swimming season)
Pool Hours: 1:00 - 8:00 pm Daily when the temperature is above 70 degrees.

The City of Emery owns and operates the city swimming pool.  The city staffs about 10 employees each year to work at the pool.  The city strongly encourages local residents to train and learn the skills necessary to be lifeguards at the swimming pool.  These skills will not only be used now but also for a lifetime.

The City of Emery feels strongly that the swimming pool is a great asset to have in our rural community and is an essential way to impact the overall health and vitality of a small community.

The quality of life in Emery is enhanced because we have a swimming pool facility to offer those who live here as well as those coming from surrounding communities and rural areas.  There is no other public swimming pool available in a twenty-mile radius surrounding Emery.  The Emery city swimming pool serves the Bridgewater, Alexandria and Spencer communities.

The city encourages the public to use the facility by offering low cost swimming lessons to all ages.  The Emery City Council has also made funding available to families who cannot afford to pay for swimming lessons. 

The pool features a wading pool with a 32-foot diameter circle that has a zero depth entry and gradually deepens towards the center.  In addition, a dolphin that stands over 8 feet tall and sprays water out of his nose is the center of a double shamu slide featuring two whales that reach over 14 feet into the air with two 13-foot slides entering the water.  Benches and beach umbrellas decorate the water play area.  The pool also features a tipping bucket water play attraction and a large toucan spray fountain.

The pool was built in 1969.