PUBLIC NOTICE - Duty to Cut Weeds

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN Pursant to the Emery City Ordinances, it is the duty of every occupant, person in charge of, or owner of any lot in the City to keep such lot free from noxious vegetation, and to cut such vegetation so as to prevent its growth. (City Ordinance 4.313). The following named weeds and plants are deemed noxious, dangerous and unhealthful vegetation and are declared to be nuisances: "ragweed, parsley, pigweed, nettle, thistle, sunflower, goldenrod, tumbleweed, burdock, cockle burrs, wild oats, sticktight, milkweed, mustard greens and all other weeds suffered or allowed to grow during the growing season." (City Ordinance 4.312).
If an occupant, person in charge of, or owner of any lot in the City fails to cut weeds and noxious vegetation (within 5 days), the City is authorized to enter upon the lot, and to cut such weeds and noxious vegetation. The City may assess the cost thereof, including the cost of levying such special assessment against the property benefited. In such event the City Finance Officer will maintain an account against such lot, for the cost of the cutting of weeds and noxious vegetation during the growing season. An estimate of the total assessment against each lot will then be submitted to the City Council for its approval. Such finally approved assessment roll will then be filed with the Finance Officer; the same shall be and become a special lien against the parcel of property described in the assessment roll, and shall be collected in like manner as special assessments for public improvements.

Kristi Wollmann
Finance Officer
City of Emery