Progressive City Leadership

The Emery City Council meets the second Monday of each month at 7:00pm at the Emery City Office.  The Emery City Office is located at 560 South Dakota Highway 262, Emery, SD.  The city council consists of mayor, who is elected at large and six aldermen.  Two aldermen are elected from each ward.  All members, including the mayor, are elected to a two-year term. 

City Leadership:

Mayor - Joshua Kayser
Aldermen - Cory Dye, Kenny Kayser, Dave Kayser, Greg Kotas, Eric Roskens & Ben Schulz
Finance Officer - Kristi Wollmann


Daycare Director – Lisa Schleich
City Attorney - Mike Fink
Health Officer – Dave Kayser
Fire Chief - Brian Leitheiser
Asst. Fire Chief - Brad Kressman
Fire Marshall - Brian Leitheiser

The Committee appointments are as follows:

Streets and Alleys - Mayor, Dye, Roskens and D.Kayser

Park and Pool - Mayor, D. Kayser and Roskens

Sewer and Water - Mayor, Dye, Kotas and Schulz

Lights and Signs/Rubble Site - Mayor, Kotas and Schulz