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Progressive City Leadership

The Emery City Council meets the second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Emery City Office.  The Emery City Office is located at 560 SD Highway 262, Emery, SD.  The city council consists of a Mayor, who is elected at large and six Aldermen.  Two Aldermen are elected from each ward.  All members, including the Mayor, are elected to a two-year term. 

City Leadership:

Mayor - Andy Erickson
Aldermen - Kenny Kayser - Ward 1, Paul Nelson - Ward 1, Brad Bartscher - Ward 2, Ryan Storm - Ward 2, Clarissa Weber - Ward 3, Ross Bartscher - Ward 3
Finance Officer - Kristi Wollmann
Maintenance Supervisor - Travis Kampshoff
Maintenance Assistant - Nick Ernster


Daycare Director – Gloria Sullivan
City Attorney - Mike Fink
Health OfficerKenny Kayser
Fire Chief - Brian Leitheiser
Asst. Fire Chief - Brad Kressman
Fire Marshall - Brian Leitheiser

The Committee Appointments are as follows:

Streets/Alleys/Lights/Signs - Mayor, Ross Bartscher, Paul Nelson

Park/Pool/Auditorium - Mayor, Kenny Kayser, Brad Bartscher, Clarissa Weber

Sewer/Water/Rubble Site - Mayor, Ross Bartscher, Kenny Kayser, Ryan Storm

Daycare - Mayor, Paul Nelson, Ryan Storm, Clarissa Weber